Pengertian Superlative Degree, Bentuk, dan Contoh Penggunaan-Nya!

Dalam percakapan sehari-hari, beragam ungkapan kerap digunakan. Mulai dari ungkapan kebahagiaan, ungkapan kesedihan, ungkapan perhatian, ungkapan untuk menyatakan pendapat, dan masih banyak lagi.

Dalam mengungkapkan sebuah pendapat atau opini, secara otomatis, penggunaan bentuk kata sifat (adjective) digunakan. Dalam penggunaan bentuk kata sifat, kerap kali kita juga mencoba membandingkan antara satu orang dengan orang lain, atau satu hal dengan hal lain. Di sinilah kita mulai menggunakan bentuk Tingkat Perbandingan (Comparison Degree).

Comparison degree merupakan istilah dalam Grammar yang menunjukkan perbandingan. Untuk memahami comparison degree ini, perlu juga memahami terlebih dahulu bentuk kata sifat (adjective) dan kata keterangan (adverb) juga penggunaan keduanya dalam sebuah kalimat.

Hal ini dikarenakan bentuk kata sifat (adjective) dan kata keterangan (adverb) tersebut yang akan mengalami perubahan sesuai dengan tingkat perbandingannya.
Terdapat tiga tingkatan dalam bentuk Tingkat Perbandingan (Comparison Degree) dalam bentuk bahasa Inggris, yaitu Positive Degree, Comparative Degree, dan Superlative Degree.

Bentuk Positive Degree merupakan bentuk perbandingan yang menunjukkan bahwa beberapa benda memiliki tingkatan yang sama atau memiliki kualitas sama. Bentuk ini terdiri dari subjek dan predikat berupa bentuk nomina (kata sifat atau kata keterangan) dengan menggunakan bentuk “as + adjective/adverb + as”.

Contohnya sebagai berikut.

  1. The watermelon is as big as honeydew.
  2. Indonesia is as beautiful as Maldives.
  3. Indomie is as delicious as Mie Sedap.
  4. Ferrari is as expensive as Lamborghini.
  5. The chair is as comfortable as the couch.
  6. Cheetah is as fast as leopard.
  7. My grandma walks as slowly as my grandpa.
  8. Tania dances as beautifully as Maria.
  9. John is as diligent as Tom.
  10. Chris Evans is as handsome as Tom Cruise.

Bentuk Comparative Degree merupakan bentuk perbandingan yang sudah mulai membandingkan antara dua hal, bisa berupa benda, orang, ataupun keadaan dengan beberapa ketentuan tersendiri. Hal ini juga menunjukkan bahwa salah satu hal yang disebutkan memiliki sifat yang lebih dari yang lainnya.

Contoh kalimatnya sebagai berikut.

  1. My mother is younger than Syeila’s mother.
  2. The orange is smaller than the watermelon.
  3. Mission Impossible III is more entertaining than Mission Impossible II.
  4. Bali is more beautiful than Lombok.
  5. Saturn is bigger than Mercury.
  6. Amina runs faster than Siena does.
  7. Drinking juice is healthier than drinking soda.
  8. Sonia is prettier than Mira.
  9. Jakarta is more crowded than Padang.
  10. Tina is friendlier than Sara.

Nah, yang terakhir adalah pengertian Superlative Degree yang akan dibahas secara tuntas dalam artikel ini.

Pengertian Superlative

Pengertian Superlative Degree merupakan bentuk tingkat perbandingan ketiga atau yang paling tinggi dalam bentuk perbandingan dalam bahasa Inggris. Bentuk perbandingan ini merupakan bentuk perbandingan untuk menyatakan tingkat paling atau ter-. Misalnya paling kuat, paling pintar, terhebat, terbaik, terburuk, dan lain sebagainya.

Bentuk Superlative

Bentuk Superlative Degree diikuti beberapa aturan terkait bentuk kata sifat (adjective) atau bentuk kata keterangan (adverb). Terdapat dua bentuk Superlative Degree yang digunakan, yaitu the –est dan the most.

1. Bentuk superlative the –est.

a. Digunakan untuk bentuk kata sifat (adjective) yang hanya memiliki satu suku kata (syllable).

pengertian superlative

pengertian superlativeContoh kalimatnya sebagai berikut.

  1. Zahra is the smartest student in this school. She has achieved many awards so far.
  2. In my opinion, Reza Rahadian is the brightest actor in Indonesia remembering that he has played in many box office movies.
  3. Government has the quickest response dealing with the spread of Corona Virus.
  4. Adam is the youngest child in my family.
  5. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.
  6. Mariana Trench is the deepest trench in the world.
  7. Whale is the largest mammals among all living mammals in the world.
  8. North Pole is the coldest area on earth.
  9. Anna is the richest girl in my village. She owns many lands and buildings.
  10. Desert is the hottest area on the planet.
pengertian superlative

b. Digunakan untuk bentuk kata keterangan (adverb) yang memiliki satu suku kata (syllable).

pengertian superlative


  1. Ryan runs the fastest of all the runners.
  2. Michelle studies the hardest of all students.

c.  Digunakan untuk bentuk kata sifat (adjective) yang diakhiri oleh huruf “y”.

pengertian superlativeContoh kalimatnya sebagai berikut.

  1. Judith is the naughtiest girls in this neighborhood. She jumped into my garden and broke almost everything yesterday.
  2. Mark is the luckiest persons. His family loves him very much and so do his friends.
  3. Prof. Michael is always to be the earliest to come in attending the conference.
  4. Moana is the happiest girl. She gets many presents in her birthday.
  5. Jakarta is probably one of the busiest cities in Indonesia.
  6. Pengabdi Setan 2 is one of the scariest horror movies in Indonesia.
  7. For as long as I can remember, Joana was probably the prettiest girl in my hometown at that time.
  8. This watermelon is the juiciest fruit I have ever tasted.
  9. Woman is the knottiest creature I have ever known.
  10. Johnny is the angriest man in the room when he knew he was not elected to be the chairman of the class.
pengertian superlative

2. Bentuk superlative the most.

a. Digunakan untuk bentuk kata sifat (adjective) yang memiliki lebih dari satu suku kata (syllable).

pengertian superlative

pengertian superlative

pengertian superlative

Contoh kalimatnya sebagai berikut.

  1. Covid 19 has been the most threatening virus for the last two years.
  2. Jake is the most qualified candidates because he has all the requirements needed.
  3. Rendang is the most delicious food ever invented in Indonesia.
  4. Mike is the most diligent student in our classroom. He never comes late.
  5. Computer is the most useful invention of all time.
  6. Cat is the most adorable animal of all.
  7. Prof. Helen is the most sincere person for me. She helps me a lot.
  8. Monica is one of the most warmhearted girls in my village. She smiles a lot and never gets angry.
  9. Borobudur Temple is one of the most amazing places to visit for its heartbreaking view.
  10. The car is probably the most luxurious thing I have ever owned.

b. Digunakan untuk bentuk kata keterangan (adverb) yang memiliki lebih dari satu suku kata (syllable).

pengertian superlative

Contoh :

  1. Snail walks the most slowly of all animals.
  2. Whoever dances the most beautifully on that stage will win the competition.
  3. Anna is probably one of the girls who think the most carefully of all her friends at her age.
  4. Someone who lives the most greedily will never be truly happy.

3. Bentuk pengecualian atau dapat disebut juga irregular degree of comparison.

Dalam bentuk degree of comparison ada beberapa pengecualian di mana bentuk perbandingannya dapat sangat berubah dari kata asalnya.

pengertian superlative

  1. Indonesia is the best country to visit for its great scenery and hospitality.
  2. Shinta has the worst way to deal with sadness. She is depressed now.
  3. Lombok has been the farthest place I’ve ever visited so far.

Penggunaan Superlative dalam Percakapan Sehari-hari

Superlative degree ini digunakan untuk membuat sebuah pernyataan tingkat perbandingan paling tinggi. Penggunaannya dalam percakapan sehari-hari dapat terlihat dari bentuk dialog berikut.

Dialog 1

Martha : “Maria, what are you looking at?”
Maria :”Oh hi Martha. I’m looking at the world map. Look! Indonesia is very unique in shape. The island is separated by huge body of water and the shape of its islands is also unique.”
Martha : “Let me see. Oh yes, you’re right. It’s unique and beautiful.”
Maria : “In my opinion, Indonesia is the most unique countries all over the world.”
Martha :”I couldn’t agree more. We should be proud of our country.”

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Dialog 2

Ryan : “Why you look so gloomy today?”
Dev : “I got 10 for my Math test.”
Ryan : “How come? Did you study last night?”
Dev : “I did. But I failed anyway. I don’t know why I feel Math is so difficult to learn. In fact, Math is the most difficult subjects .”
Ryan : “Stop that thought! Otherwise, Math will never be easy for you. Don’t give up easily. Perhaps, you just need put more effort to deal with Math. Everyone has their own phase and duration in learning something. Come on, I will assist you.”
Dev : “Really? Oh, what a relief! It means so much for me, Ry. Thank you.”
Ryan : “Sure. That’s what friends are for. Let’s go to the library. We study there together.”
Dev : “With a pleasure.”

Dialog 3

pengertian superlative

Sara : “Do you happen to know John?”
Tania : “Sure, he is my neighbor. Why?”
Sara: “I accidentally met him yesterday at the bookstore. From that moment, I cannot get rid of her face from my mind. For me, he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever known.”
Tania : “Oh God. For your information, John is also the best baseball player in his high school. So, you had better hurry up. Many girls are eyeing him now. Whoever wins his heart is the luckiest girl I guess. So, make sure you run the fastest to his heart of all other girls.”
Sara : “Wish me luck, then.”

Dialog 4

Martin : “Have you ever tasted Samyang noodle?”
Gerry : “No. I don’t have any courage to eat that. It’s supposed to be spicy.”
Martin : “ Not only spicy, it is super spicy. It is probably one of the spiciest noodles I have ever tasted. It will burn your tongue and throat.”
Gerry : “ Well, I really hope your stomach is fine.”
Martin :”No worries. I drink a lot of water and milk after eating it. So, my stomach should be just fine. Do you want to try some?”
Gerry : “Oh No, thank you. I would prefer comfortable food.”